Bathroom Lighting Tips - Houzz Question of the Week

Zandelin brings us this weeks question in regards to their current bathroom renovation. Unfortunately, most people don't have the budget for lighting designers. In our answer we give some overall lighting guidelines we felt would be helpful to the general community. If you’d like to ask us any questions directly, hit us up, we give every project a 15 minute evaluation, free.

bathroom light.PNG


I am thinking of placing 3 pendants in front of the 3 stationary mirrors to illuminate a person standing in front of the mirror.

  • There will be a ceiling fan in the toilet and shower area.

  • The bath tub will be located on the other side of the wall of the toilet cubicle.

  • The shower is between the toilet and outside wall (wall with the window).

  • The following are my questions and comments:

1. Are the pendants a good idea? Or, are down lights at the same position a better solution? What should be the distance between the mirror and the pendant? Size of pendants relative to mirror height?

2. For the rest of the spaces, what size down lights should I use and where should I place them?

4. How many lights in the toilet area? There will be no door on the opening to the toilet.

Thank you.


Hi Zandelin,

1. Consider losing the pendants to go with some recessed lighting, preferably adjustable. The distance from mirror would be determined by ceiling height to center of mirror - adjustables would also help you fudge that distance.

2. 4-5" are typical, smaller are more expensive. As to where: place them close to surfaces you touch (shelves, counters, rods) or on walls you want to feature with a different material. Talk to the supplier about recommended color temperatures to achieve your desired mood.

3. There is no three... wink emoji.

4. With that size, (1) 5" would work.

Great questions by the way - most people don't have the budget for lighting designers. Hope that helps, feel free to ask more.