Deep Kitchen Cabinets Worth The Money? - Houzz Question of the Week

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Shead brings us this weeks question in regards to new base (lower) cabinets in their renovated kitchen. In our answer we give some insight as to why cabinets are standard depth that we felt would be helpful to the general community. If you’d like to ask us any questions directly, hit us up, we give every project a 15 minute evaluation, free.


Are 27” lower cabinets worth the upgrade price

Upgrade price is several thousand dollars. Worth it or just stick with standard 24" depth installed 3" from the wall?


Great question! After designing high end residential & commercial kitchens, experience says you may not get exactly what you're looking for. The reason cabinets are a standard depth is due simply to the length of your arm. Meaning - it's easy to reach to the back of a 24" Cabinet, 27" maybe not so much and 30" depth - not at all. Of course - if you're over 6'4" Tall you probably have a longer reach.

3" Isn't going to add a lot of extra USEABLE storage. If you have stuff that requires more depth, you could also make one cabinet into more of a pantry, therefore only paying for one custom piece, instead of all.

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