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But Why: Staged to Sell; How to Sell a Home Faster, for More Money


Home Staging is not just for seasoned Real Estate agents. Even one time, ‘for sale by owner’s,’ can benefit from having their home staged. Even if you think you can’t (& we’re about to show you that YOU CAN) afford staging, there’s way you can digitally stage your home for maximum profits on the sale. Below are 6 Reasons To Stage Your Home to Sell Faster, with More Money.


Your House WILL Sell For More. On average, Home Sellers will see a 10% increase in sales price. How many other investments return as much?

You WILL Sell Your Home Faster. Less time means less carrying costs. A professionally staged home spends up to 72% less time on the market.


Beat The Competition. The savvy seller is already staging their home, only a block or so from your home. The average buyer starts their search online where you’re photos will also stand out.


It Doesn’t Cost Anything [ capital gains taxes ]. On average, investing 1% of your home value on professional staging services produces a 1000% return on investment. No - we didn’t make that up - 1000%. That means a house selling for $400k & you invest $4k, the house will sell for $440k. Look into capital gains exceptions & you’re on your way.


‘Vision Goggles.’  Only 10% of home buyers can visualize a home’s potential. Not to mention they’ve probably already seen 10 other places before yours. Help them make an easy decision when they walk into your beautifully staged open house.


First Impression.  This is for sure the most important of all. Set yourself up for success because all those old cliche’s apply, ‘best foot forward, dress for success, etc.’ When the potential buyers are deciding their options, your house will stand out in their memory.

Help the home buyer, help yourself & help your agent by making the buyer’s decision easy. Good Luck!

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