What Color Do I Paint My Ceiling - Houzz Question of the Week

Audreebee brings us this weeks question in regards to painting their ceiling. In our answer we give some painting suggestions we felt would be helpful to the general community. If you’d like to ask us any questions directly, hit us up, we give every project a 15 minute evaluation, free.



I'm about to have my living room & dining room painted and I'm wondering if the white ceiling look has gone out of fashion. Should I paint it all in one color? (Light, bright grey)


White ceilings are more for function than for aesthetics & should always be done in flat paint regardless of color, here's why:

  • Light. White ceilings reflect white light onto your colored furniture/walls/etc.

  • Flat paint spreads light where as say an eggshell reflects in a non-uniform manner & creates glare.

  • Color is fine, be aware dark colors brings the ceiling down where light colors lift the ceiling up.

Ceiling Paint

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